Website design support

Does anyone in the business really look at my website?
Yes! A friend of mine auditioned for a Casting Agent and right after the Agent said, “I would have liked to have seen you do a comedic monologue.” My fr...
Tue, 31 Jul, 2018 at 11:28 AM
Can you transfer or rebuild a website?
Yes and no… If your current website designer does not allow us to have access to your current website design then there is nothing that can be done, exc...
Tue, 31 Jul, 2018 at 11:29 AM
Do you help with videos and photos?
Yes, we can add your videos and images on your website. For videos we recommend using, Youtube, Vimeo and the free version of Wistia. Wistia is a good ...
Tue, 31 Jul, 2018 at 11:30 AM
My Domain name Is not available – what do I do now?
Anyone that has a personal name for their business will have an online domain.  Be sure to buy your domain, immediately! If your domain is taken then fi...
Tue, 31 Jul, 2018 at 11:31 AM